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beautiful worlds in my head
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6th-Aug-2020 11:05 am - Welcome Post and Friends only.

This is personal journal of Kira.

This journal is f-locked.Comment to be added.

Please,answer some questions:
  1. Name or nickname,age.
  2. Where you find me?
  3. Reason of adding.
  4. Your bias.
  5. Your favorite OTP.
  6. Little about yourself.
My new writing community is rainbow_traces.
19th-Aug-2011 12:27 pm - Infinite hiatus
I knew this coming...But it's real.I don't have hot passion for writing anymore,I don't want to improve no more(because it's impossible)My study in the University will start soon and I don't want to get distracted by anything.I'm writing , but it's very small pieces,that don't deserve to be posted.So,I'll say good bye for now,I hope I'll come back someday...i wish,I'll return...
14th-Aug-2011 05:16 pm - Fanfic recommendation!~
I have a lot of good fics in my computer,so I decided to share with you friends!I'm going make fanfic recommendation in my tumblr page,here~ So,enjoy babes and thank me , ok?For my spending time on it!Maybe someone wants me to post it there,in lj?
7th-Aug-2011 05:26 pm - Taking fanfiction requests!
  Somehow,my writer's block became very long and I want to write,really!I write actually,but I can't post it.

I hope , you'll help with my return to the writing!

So,I taking fanfiction requests!

What to fill to make a request:

Fandom:(I'm Super Junior fanfic writer)

Pairing:(any you want)

Rating:(any you want to,PG - NC-17)

Promt:(short plot or storyline you're want to see in the fic)
6th-Aug-2011 09:02 pm - New writing community!

 Check out my brand-new writing community , rainbow_traces !Oh my gosh , it's so beautiful!

You're don't need to add me to a personal journal just to read my fics.

New masterlist in the progression!

My friends from the old account follow mehere!

For the future fanfictions,drop a comment here and you're a member!

Fics would be locked after 3 days!
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